Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide

Choosing the right ring

Do you want some razzle dazzle or a simple delight?



knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that is why they are perfect for wedding rings.

There are many different cuts of diamond and it’s good to know which you like.

There are circular cuts, such as round, cushion, asscher, marquise and oval.

You also have square and rectangle shapes like princess, radiant and emerald.

There are also unique shapes like pear (think a teardrop) and heart.

You can get similar cuts for other types of gemstones.

It’s good to know what you want before you buy your ring.

Many people like to wear their wedding ring and engagement ring side by side.

If you have an engagement ring with embellishm­ents, you might want to go with a simple, matching band as your wedding ring.

Work out what you want with your partner and then discuss your choice with your jeweller and see if they can create custom rings. KARAT? else that should be considered, and that the gold it is set in. Wedding rings are traditiona­lly gold bands, but what kind of gold? The highest karat is 24 (99.5%) which is considered pure gold. It means all 24 parts in the gold are pure. It has a distinct bright yellow colour. There is no karat higher, so be wary of gold merchants offering 25K or 26K. Since it is pure it is far more malleable so is not good for jewellery. Most jewellery is 22K (91.7%). The colour of the gold can also be changed by changing the alloy in the jeweller with pink or rose gold, green gold and white gold also available. Pink gold - Created by adding more copper to the alloy. Green gold - Green gold is created by adding zinc and

:: What is your dream wedding venue? Write a list of your venue priorities to help you decide. :: Is the venue you want within your budget? :: Think about what is included with the venue. :: Do you want to get married in a church? If you do you’ll need to think of a reception venue close by. :: If you’re not getting married in a church, do you want to combine the ceremony and reception locations? :: If you are needing accommodat­ion, or supplying accommodat­ion to your guests, do you want that to be a part of your ceremony and reception location? TOP TIPS:


a wedding can be a stressful and expensive experience, so to keep the stress down you should always remember the costs.

Break down your budget early to reduce the stress later on.

According to Moneysmart, the average Australian wedding costs $36,200.

Food, alcohol and the venue hire account for most of that cost, averaging $18,683. Clothing comes next at $4271, photograph­y averages $3982, and entertainm­ent, decoration­s and transport/accommodat­ion all average about $2000 each.

Australian­s use a mixture of methods to pay for weddings, including accessing savings, loans, contributi­ons from parents and credit cards.

If some things are not as important to either the groom or the bride, then consider some budget changes. There is no shame in having a cheaper wedding cake while some of those savings can be directed elsewhere if desired.

Knowing what each of you consider important in a wedding is a great start in finding the savings.

When the average wedding is close to $40,000, little savings can go a long way. Moneysmart offered these tips to reduce the cost of a wedding: :: Talk about money early with your partner and both sets of parents (if they are involved). :: Prioritise your dreams and start saving early. :: Make a wedding budget based on what you can afford and stick to it. :: Shop around, get lots of quotes and haggle. :: Don’t tell suppliers it is for a wedding. :: Have an out-of-season wedding (in winter or on a Friday, for example). :: Cut your guest list (ask yourself, is this person an active part your life?) :: Save on decorating costs by doing them yourself or enlisting a friend. :: Have a backyard wedding or use a friend’s place. :: Spread out your wedding bills across a few months so you don’t get all the bills at once. Other tips: :: Sign up to multiple wedding website mailing lists. You might just find out about a great sale

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