GET READY TO ROCK OUT WITH THE HONEY HAHS! Rowan (gui­tar and piano), Robin (bass) and Sylvie (drums). South Lon­don Pop, rock.

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MANIA: Can you ex­plain your band name?

HH: “We had no name and a gig the next day, and our lit­tle sis­ter was say­ing ‘Honey Hah’ and hit­ting a drum with Robin. We thought, ‘Let’s use that un­til we think of another name’, and then it stuck!”

MANIA: How did you start play­ing as a band?

HH: “We never for­mally de­cided to make a band. We did loads of busk­ing; do­ing cov­ers on the South Bank in Lon­don, and then Dad got us a gig. It went quite well, so we just car­ried on from there.” HH: “Har­monies, nice words, unique (oh, that’s four!)”

MANIA: What was it like record­ing your first full-length al­bum?

HH: “It was fun. Steve the pro­ducer was quite good. We laughed a lot and Rowan said could we stay in the stu­dio for Christ­mas. You never know what time it is or if it’s sunny or dark out­side; you can go a bit crazy!”

MANIA: Who in­spires you to make mu­sic?

HH: “We liked to lis­ten to mu­sic in the car a lot and watched Len­non and Maisy, who are sis­ters that sing har­monies to­gether.”

MANIA: Do your school­mates know about your band?

HH: “Yes, but they’re too young to come to the gigs, so they don’t know that much about us.”

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