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Land of Snowflakes

This world is a win­ter won­der­land! It comes full of ici­cles, snow and of course snowflakes! See Clara rid­ing in on a sleigh! The de­sign was based on ice ho­tels and 16th cen­tury vil­lages in Ger­many.

Land of Flowers

This realm is full of wind­mills, colour and of course beau­ti­ful flowers. It’s a flo­ral work of art! It is said the pro­duc­ers used real flowers for the sets. The cast in­clud­ing, Macken­zie Foy, said that it made it smell so good!

Land of Sweets

Think gin­ger­bread houses and Willie Wonka! This realm is ooz­ing with sweet­ness from lol­lipops to choco­lates and gum­drops, it’s sweets ga­lore! The pro­duc­tion de­signer said that in­spi­ra­tion came from the board game Candy Land.

The fourth realm

This is home to evil Mother Gin­ger who is wag­ing a trou­bling war within the realms. The fu­ture of their world and the king­dom rests on Princess Clara and her friends

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