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Al­though there is no hard and fast cure to a hang­over, Pro­fes­sor All­sop does have some handy tips to help re­lieve your suf­fer­ing. Drink Less “A hang­over is your body’s way of say­ing that you have drank too much,” Pro­fes­sor All­sop said. Hy­drate “Make sure you prop­erly hy­drate,” Pro­fes­sor All­sop said. “And that doesn’t mean hav­ing a glass of wa­ter be­fore you go to bed.

“Be hy­drated be­fore you go out. Have a glass of wa­ter in between drinks.

“That will slow down your drink­ing as well.” Eat “Do not drink on an empty stom­ach,” Pro­fes­sor All­sop sug­gests.

“The peak blood al­co­hol level that you reach can make a hang­over worse.

“So if you have food in your stom­ach, it slows down that ab­sorp­tion. So only have al­co­hol after or with food.” Sleep “Get plenty of rest,” he said. Panadol “You have to be care­ful when tak­ing panadol with al­co­hol, so do not overdo it,” Pro­fes­sor All­sop warns.

“It is an oc­ca­sional symp­tom re­lief, it is not a hang­over cure.” Caf­feine and bad foods “Stay away from food and drinks that may upset your stom­ach,” he said.

“Acidic foods and caf­feine for one. Caf­feine might make you feel more awake, but it might make you feel nau­seous.”

There are many the­o­ries of what causes the dreaded hang­over.

Stay­ing hy­drated is vi­tal to cur­ing a hang­over.

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