Grow a Her­bie!

This is a fun idea – it may get you into gar­den­ing and grow­ing all sorts of plants.

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What you will need: - Some herb seeds (pars­ley, chives or mint) - An old ny­lon stock­ing with the toe in­tact - Per­ma­nent mark­ers - Saw­dust - A jar

Step 1: Put the seeds into the toe of the stock­ing - spread them out if you can.

Step 2: Add the saw­dust to the stock­ing en­sur­ing that the seeds stay be­tween the saw­dust and the stock­ing. Add enough saw­dust to make the size Her­bie you want.

Step 3: Tie a knot in the leg of the stock­ing as close to the base of your Her­bie as you can. Trim the end of the stock­ing so that you have about 5 cm hang­ing. Step 4: Use the per­ma­nent mark­ers to draw a face and dec­o­rate on your Her­bie.

Step 5: Soak your Her­bie in wa­ter un­til the saw­dust is sat­u­rated.

Step 6: Fill the jar with wa­ter and sit Her­bie on the top – make sure that Her­bies tail is in the wa­ter. Step 7: Put Her­bie in a sunny spot and watch his hair grow. Make sure the tail is al­ways in the wa­ter. When Mum needs some fresh herbs you can give Her­bie a trim!

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