Per­sonal bests dom­i­nate Lit­tle Aths

Great role model and de­ter­mined ath­lete wins Matisse pizza award

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PER­FECT con­di­tions greet- ed Mans­field Lit­tle Ath­let­ics, with plenty of per­sonal bests (PBs) recorded.

Un­der 6s had 70m and dis­cus on their pro­gram, and Ri­ley Adams had a huge PB in the dis­cus as did Abella Van Win­den, and Jaspa Robin­son had her best per­for­mance in dis­cus and 70m.

Win­ners were Harper An­der­son 70m, dis­cus, and Ri­ley Adams 70m, dis­cus.

Un­der 7s com­peted in 70m, high jump and 100m, and Max Camp­bell and Beth Cham­ber­lain had great PBs in the 100m push­ing the even­tual win­ners all the way.

Win­ners were Trent Berry 70m, 100m, high jump, Remy Steven­son 70m, 100m, Beth Cham­ber­lain high jump.

Un­der 8s also recorded plenty of PB ef­forts, with the 70m won by the usual speed­sters Han­nah Allen and Ty Sheeran.

Ben Les im­proved his best by 95cm to win the shot put, Zach Em­pey and Kevin Gan­non also had huge im­prove­ments on their PBs, and Han­nah Allen won the girls shot­put with a PB.

In the 200m Zach Em­pey backed up his PB in the shot­put with four sec­onds off his best to win and earn him­self star of the week, and Ashton Dean pushed Zach all the way slic­ing six sec­onds off his best to win an achieve­ment award.

Han­nah Allen won the girls 200m, and J aycee Mur­phy backed up her shot put PB by slic­ing an im­pres­sive seven sec­onds off her best to also be­come star of the week.

Un­der 9s 70m Seth Dean, Eadie Lind­say, Freya Lee and Zali El­liot showed great speed record­ing their fastest times so far.

200m Hunter Jack­man, Eadie Lind­say and Zali El­liot man­aged to slice as much as three sec­onds off their best.

In high jump Hi­lary Mu­rakami had plenty of spring, im­prov­ing her best by 20cm and earn­ing her­self an achieve­ment award.

Win­ners were Daniel Fri­day 70m, Bray­den Van Win­den long jump, high jump, Hunter Jack­man 200m, Eadie Lind­say 70m, 200m, Tahlia Brown­ing long jump, high jump.

Un­der 10 in girls, Matisse Gar­diner is a de­ter­mined ath­lete, whose con­duct around the club makes her a great role model for our ath­letes, recorded some im­pres­sive PBs and has earned her­self t he Mans­field pizza award.

Win­ners were Bai­ley Adams 70m, 200m, James Reid high jump, triple jump, Elise Em­pey 70m, 200m, triple jump, Matisse Gar­diner high jump.

Un­der 11 boys all had PB per­for­mances in the 200m, and win­ners were Lach­lan Scales 70m, 200m, dis­cus, Lachie La­mont shot­put, El­lie Her­bert 70m, 200m, dis­cus, Grace Hood shot­put.

Un­der 12 Asher Lee had a great burst of speed in 100m to record his best time and in 200m Mathew Em­pey sliced three sec­onds off his best.

Win­ners were Colby Crox­ford-De­masi 100m, 200m, Lach­lan El­liot triple jump, Mathew Em­pey shot­put, Riana Allen 100m, 200m, triple jump, shot­put.

Un­der 13-15s had many PBs, with win­ners be­ing Pippa Lind­say 100m, 200m, 400m, long jump and dis­cus, Brit­ney Allen 100m, 200m, 400m, dis­cus, and long jump, Darcy Crox­fordDe­masi 100m, 200m, 400m, long jump, and dis­cus.

PHOTO: Peter Hunt

FUN AND RUN: These young un­der six ath­letes en­joyed their 70m run at Mans­field Lit­tle Ath­let­ics last Fri­day.

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