Close en­coun­ters on a Mon­day and Wed­nes­day


A COU­PLE of close matches showed all teams are still fight­ing hard for those elu­sive fi­nals berths, with only one round left for Mon­day’s teams and a bye this week.

Will­bees’ John Davies, Kylie Mil­lard, Glenn Peck and Andy Setchell were up against a de­ter­mined May­bees com­bi­na­tion of Tony Furner, Cather­ine Pig­don, Shane Ser­vice and Jordan Ser­vice.

Two close tie break­ers to book­end the night, both go­ing to the Will­bees, was ba­si­cally the dif­fer­ence be­tween the teams, with the mid­dle sets be­ing more one sided, but evenly shared.

Will­bees pre­vailed 27 games to 26, and four sets to two, show­ing the im­por­tance of win­ning those close tie break­ers.

Doobees and Wannabees had an en­ter­tain­ing match up, with the ever crafty and wily Don Swain­ston keep­ing the Wannabees in the hunt, bam­boo­zling his op­po­nents with all man­ner of back, top, side and over spin shots.

How­ever, Doobees man­aged to weather the storm and take the night by five games, with sets shared at three each.

Top side Can­bees re­cov­ered from last week’s shock de­feat to bounce back and eas­ily ac­count for the New­bees, while Doll­bees for­feited to the Must­bees.

SCORES: Will­bees 4/27 de- feated May­bees 2/26; Doobees 3/30 de­feated Wannabees 3/25; Can­bees 6/36 de­feated New­bees 0/15; Must­bees de­feated Doll­bees by for­feit.

Tues­day night was a su­perb night for ten­nis and all courts were still in use when the V-Line bus rolled in, sug­gest­ing many close matches.

Alas this was not the case with all matches be­ing one sided, sug­gest­ing some teams might have found a coach rather than a bus handy to help their game.

The Fel­lows jumped out of the box with Colin Evans and Keith Munro win­ning 6-3 and al­most took the other which went to a tiebreaker, but Peter Scales and Deb Mims for the Koalas scraped home in that set so it was a set apiece.

The Koalas used the mo­men­tum to take the ini­tia­tive and ran out com­fort­able win­ners, tak­ing the re­main­ing four sets.

Mean­while, on the courts clos­est to the car­a­van park some strange smells didn’t stop some great ten­nis tak­ing place.

The first two sets were both 6-4 with the Kan­ga­roos team of Peter Grey, Mick O’Grady, Elly Healy and Kel­lie Say­ers win­ning both, set­ting the pat­tern for the night.

Andrew and Kathryn Mur­ray for the Red­dies fought hard in the last set even man­ag­ing to win Kathryn’s serve de­spite Andrew hap­pily let­ting him­self be side­lined on nu­mer­ous oc­ca­sions.

The Kook­abur­ras with a few fill­ins com­fort­ably beat the Din­goes.

SCORES: Koalas 5/33 de­feated Fel­lows 1/21; Kan­ga­roos 6/36 de­feated Red­dies 0/18; Kook­abur­ras 5/32 de­feated Din­goes 1/20.

Top placed Tradies, and fi­nals con­tenders Sparkies were both given a fright against lower placed teams but man­aged to pull through.

Rangers were back on song af­ter last week’s poor show­ing, and took it up to the lad­der lead­ers, with Scott and Andrew Mark­wick, Scott Ed­wards and Jemma Black­well tak­ing two of the first three sets, and hold­ing a one game lead with two to play.

De­spite tak­ing the fifth in a tie break, the Tradies’ Anna Man­ning and Luke Olver hit their straps in the fi­nal set 6-1 to grab a three game win.

Sparkies had to work hard to over­come a de­ter­mined Bon­nie Bar team who took the sec­ond and third sets af­ter los­ing the first in a tie-break.

Jolted into ac­tion, the Sparkies fired up to sweep away the fi­nal three sets to win by seven games.

Chalkies proved too good for Re­tail­ers, and Con­sul­tants con­tin­ued their re­cent good form with a strong win over All­sorts, while The Bill for­feited to Rams­bot­toms.

SCORES: Tradies 3/ 28 de­feated Rangers 3/25; Sparkies 4/30 de­feated Bon­nie Bars 2/23; Chalkies 5/34 de­feated Re­tail­ers 1/15; Con­sul­tants 5/35 de­feated All­sorts 1/19; Rams­bot­toms de­feated The Bill by for­feit.

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