Mansfield Courier

Not as hot with less fires in summer


SUMMER’S over and not a very stressful one at that, at least in our part of the North East.

Emergency management commission­er Craig Lapsley said although there wasn’t as much fire as last summer, there were challenges with unstable weather bringing with it severe storms, some flash flooding and a heatwave in early January.

The outcome was significan­t fires in the North East, including at Creightons Creek near Euroa.

Altogether fires burnt through almost 15,000 hectares.

Mr Lapsley said aircraft had played a critical role in first attack this summer, with the fleet of 46 flying around 4000 hours this season and firebomber­s dropping more than nine million litres of foam, water and retardant.

Rainfall in February in Mansfield was 54.9mm, above the 30 year average of 47.5mm.

Most areas in the district saw rainfall in January and February come in above their averages, while December was below.

For the past month, the maximum temperatur­e in our region was 30 to 33 degrees Celsius according to the Bureau of Meteorolog­y – a far cry from the 45 degrees seen on Black Saturday.

The mean temperatur­e was just 18 to 21 degrees and the lowest temperatur­e for the region was 6 to 9 degrees, according to the BOM.

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