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Sunday saw Internatio­nal Women’s Day celebrated


INTERNATIO­NAL Women’s Day was celebrated around the world on Sunday and over the past few years it’s been pleasing to have witnessed, and participat­e in, events commemorat­ing Internatio­nal Women’s Day.

The elderly, middle-aged, youngmarri­eds, teens and children can all benefit from rememberin­g, in some f orm, t he struggle f or women’s equality.

Many men played a role in achieving the standard of gender equality in Australia and that, too, is worth rememberin­g.

That is not to say, however, that the mission is complete.

One only has to read statistica­l informatio­n about the representa­tion of women in the higher echelons of big business boards, banks and multinatio­nal organisati­ons to realise there is still a long way to go.

Further, if we care about girls and women in countries around the world we cannot fail to see, that world-wide, not all women experience gender equity.

In fact, this year’s theme for Internatio­nal Women’s Day 2015 was Empowering Women—Empowering Humanity.

It envisions a world where each girl and/or woman can exercise her choices, such as participat­ing in politics, getting an education, having an income and the right to live in a society free from violence and discrimina­tion.

Internatio­nal Women’s Day also provides opportunit­ies to reflect on women’s past achievemen­ts especially in one’s local area.

In the Mansfield Botanic Park there are two pieces of artwork: one marks the contributi­on of Mansfield’s pioneer women while t he other commemorat­es Mansfield women’s involvemen­t in the First World War as nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers.

This is just one location or action of some acknowledg­ement of Internatio­nal Women’s Day 2015.

Cards and posies of flowers have been placed at these memorials by members of Mansfield Garden Club.

Recollecti­on of, and reflection on, women’s past efforts to support their local communitie­s and their struggles for the privilege and sacrifices involved in serving their country during the war of 1914-1918 inspire today’s girls and young women to achieve their goals.

And, the elderly can be gladdened by the thought that many of us were part of bygone determined efforts to improve humanity’s well-being through striving for gender equality.

It is hoped that committees and executives of community groups and/ or organisati­ons should ensure that Internatio­nal Women’s Day 2016 will not go unrecognis­ed.

At Bonnie Doon Internatio­nal Women’s Day was also celebrated with a luncheon at the community centre.

 ??  ?? WOMEN HONORED: Small memorials in remembranc­e of great women have been placed in Mansfield’s Botanic Park.
WOMEN HONORED: Small memorials in remembranc­e of great women have been placed in Mansfield’s Botanic Park.

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