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Come and have a look at campdraft


THERE aren’t many events in this day and age that offer free entry, free entertainm­ent and a free place to roll out the picnic rug, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Mansfield Showground­s l ater t his month when the annual campdraft takes place.

The g a t e s o p e n a t 7.30am on March 21, and everyone is welcome to come along and have a look at what is the fastest growing horse sport in Australia.

There is a bar and catering on site, including breakfast, with ample parking and shade trees if the weather is warm.

Campdrafti­ng is a sport unique to Australia, and involves a rider on horseback “cutting out” one beast from a mob of cattle in a small “camp”, blocking and turning the beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control; then they must take it out of the yard and through a course around pegs involving right and left hand turns in a figure eight, before guiding it through two pegs known as “the gate” – all in under 40 seconds.

Even i f you’re not a horse enthusiast, the Mansfield Campdraft is a relaxing way to pass an afternoon spread out under the trees, listening to the typical country sounds of stockwhips, cattle and dogs.

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