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Wednesday night ten pin bowls start


THE Wednesday night competitio­n for ten pin bowling has started and last week was the second week in a 15 week season.

Gutter-licious and Topless Spinners played on the front lanes with Topless Spinners victorious 417-428, 519-439, 525-505.

Cam Davis and Aaron Miller, Topless Spinners, bowled double strikes.

Greg Murphy was the top bowler for Gutter-licious with 137, with team mate Stuart Toy just missing out by one pin.

Jimmy Evenden, Topless Spinners, bowled the best for his team with a score of 162.

On the middle lanes, T Bones lost to new team Spare Me 427379, 475-414, 377-390.

James White, Spare Me, bowled a double strike, and team mate Len Smith, bowled a turkey and earned the title of top scorer for his team with 152.

On the end lanes, The All Stars defeated a depleted Gutter Snipes 375-176, 445-188, 439-176.

Andrea Marsden, Gutter Snipes, bowled the top score for her team with 109.

Team mates Adam Layfield and Glen Peck, All Stars, bowled equally the best score for their team with 128.

Mick Ward, T Bones, bowled the best score of the night with 167 and Cam Davies, Topless Spinners, bowled the best series with 434.

Topless Spinners bowled the best game score of 519 and Gutterlici­ous bowled the best series with 1372.

We are looking for players to join a Thursday night competitio­n, kicking off at 7.30pm.

If you would like to join, either as an individual or team, please call Trish on 0412 728705.

You don’t need to be a good bowler as a handicap system makes it competitiv­e and puts everyone on an even playing field.

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