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Home and away ends for basketball women


LAST Wednesday night brought the end of the home and away season for women’s basketball in Mansfield.

With the top four spots still uncertain teams were pushed to their limits.

Game one had finals contenders Cougars eager to gain percentage against the under-ladied Fresh Start.

Louise Mercieca and Kathryn Murray came out with strength and shooting accuracy, giving Cougars a very handy lead.

Defence was enthusiast­ic fr om Rachelle Kinsmore and Taryn Murphy but Ange Desmond and Belinda Kynnersley matched them every step of the way.

A good game for Cougars as they secured their place in the top four.

Fresh Start 14 defeated by Cougars 54.

Game two was a similar affair when Rockets zoomed ahead of Bonnie Doon.

With coach Keith Leydon ropeable after the last few weeks’ performanc­e, the Rockets didn’t disappoint as they bounced back in true winning form.

Jess Harris was as always a stalwart figure on court, hitting 16 points in the first period.

Loyally supported by teammates Sharna Byrne and Susan Dolling the Rockets left Bonnie Doon eating their dust.

Erin Browning and Courtney Purcell tried and tried for Bonnie Doon but they were sorely missing their top scorer, Allie Colyer.

The second half was the “Em Hutchins Show” as the girls in red cruised to victory.

A percentage changing game for Rockets right there - Bonnie Doon 8 were defeated by Rockets 60.

For the third week in a row Merrijig was involved in a nail biting match.

This time around it was Blazin’ Babes that gave them a run for their money.

The first half was goal for excruciati­ngly hard fought goal.

Shannon Cameron and Nelle Cousins were the shining stars for the Babes in the first half, getting huge three pointers left, right and even centre.

Merrijig’s Lauren Bird and Molly Chiller retaliated in style leaving the teams 16 apiece at the halftime break.

The second half was equally as thrilling with more three pointers and desperate defensive manoeuvres.

The very in-form unit of Merrijig snuck ahead with five minutes on the clock and kept on sneaking like a cat burglar.

In the end not even the determinat­ion of Matilda Appleby could get the Babes back up, Merrijig taking the win, 35-28.

A change of pace for game four as the undefeated Pink Panthers took on the not so Mighty Meerkats.

With the Panthers securely in top spot the game was a mere formality.

Lisa Hueston hustled the Meerkats, acting coy and scoring eight points with immense ease.

Zoe Files was the lone scorer in the first half for Meerkats smacking out six points.

With a modest lead going into the final half of the season Pink Panthers were taking it fairly easy.

The supernatur­al phenomenon that is known as Kass Thomas was mind blowingly fantastic.

She used her abundant height advantage to rebound 99 per cent of missed attempts at goals and read the play better than a blind man reading Braille.

Illona Cleeland made a surprise attack on Natalie Taylor but was too overjoyed to compose herself to convert it to a goal.

Cath Mahoney and Mary Dunstan took the opportunit­y to relax and let the bigwigs handle things from time to time, stepping up when required.

A late three pointer from Zoe Files and snappy defence from Saskia Bargerbos wasn’t enough to dint the 30 point lead Panthers had.

Panthers 45, predictabl­y defeated Mighty Meerkats 15. Next week is the first round of finals. Tension and talent will be at its peak. Spectators are most welcome to come along to support their beloved teams at 6.50pm and 7.40pm.

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