All Stars and Greypex still the ten pin front run­ners

Mansfield Courier - - SPORT - By TR­ISH MULLINS Wed­nes­day Thurs­day

SPARE Me de­feated One Pin on the ten pin front lanes this week (480, 427, 426 + hcp 305–473, 447, 475 + hcp 265).

Si­mon Cu­sack bowled the best score for One Pin, bowl­ing a dou­ble strike and a score of 154, and team mate Paul Gil­lard joined the 125 club, also bowl­ing a dou­ble strike and a to­tal score of 130.

Rhett Smith, Spare Me, had a great start, bowl­ing a dou­ble strike and a top score for his team with a score of 177, while team mate and son Len also bowled a dou­ble strike.

Up Your Al­ley de­feated In­cred­i­bowls win­ning five of seven premier­ship points (390, 456 452 + hcp 310–466, 441, 488 + hcp 249).

Johnny Child, Paul Thompson and Korey Poole, In­cred­i­bowls, all bowled dou­ble strikes, and Paul Thompson bowled the best game of the night for his team with 148.

Kevin Stower and Nathan Brown, Up Your Al­ley, both bowled dou­ble strikes, and Nathan, bowl­ing a se­ries of strikes and spares, bowled the top score for his team with a score of 149.

In a very close game on the end lanes, All Stars only just came out in front win­ning four of seven (527, 449, 482 + hcp 246–475, 515, 412 + hcp 284).

John Davies, All Stars, bowled the best score for his team with 156 de­spite Lane Lay­field bowl­ing a tur­key in his last game.

Greg Mur­phy, Gut­ter-li­cious, bowled three dou­ble strikes for the night and it was his first game which proved to be his best, bowl­ing a top score of 163.

All Stars bowled the best game for the night, 527 and the best se­ries, 1458.

Rhett Smith, Spare Me, bowled the top score of the night with 177 and Greg Mur­phy, Gut­ter-li­cious, bowled the best se­ries for the night with 421.

All Stars still lead the premier­ship lad­der (46 pts), but the gap is clos­ing with Spare Me and Up Your Al­ley just be­hind (32 pts), fol­lowed by Gut­ter-li­cious (29 pts), One Pin (27 pts), In­cred­i­bowls (23 pts).

DEEZ Pins took all seven premier­ship points over Chang­ing Lanes (526, 549, 478 + hcp 244–421, 420, 402 + hcp 289).

Shane Ser­vice, Chang­ing Lanes, bowled the top score for his team with 140, while Deakin Allen, Deez Pins, started the night well bowl­ing the top score for his team with 154.

Allen’s next game in­cluded a dou­ble strike, as did team mate, Johnny Child.

Although de­feated, Foo Fight­ers were de­lighted to take two premier­ship points from Greypex (540, 554, 532 + hcp 214 – 457, 450, 465 + hcp 291).

Mark Ross, Greypex, was a stand­out bowler, with a tur­key in his first game and a score of 169, a dou­ble strike in his sec­ond game and a score of 173 and a to­tal of four strikes in his last game, bowl­ing the top score of 175.

Team mate Don Howie also bowled a dou­ble strike, while John Ex­cel, Foo Fight­ers, bowled a dou­ble strike and the top score for his team with 162.

Mark Ross, Greypex, was the over­all best bowler for the night bowl­ing a top game score of 175 and a se­ries score of 517, and Greypex was the best per­form­ing team with a game score of 554 and a se­ries score of 1626.

Greypex con­tinue to lead the premier­ship lad­der (61 pts) fol­lowed by Chang­ing Lanes (51 pts), Foo Fight­ers (43 pts) and Deez Pins (41 pts).

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