New busi­ness bowl­ing comp to start

Mansfield Courier - - SCOREBOARD - By TR­ISH MULLINS

OC­TO­BER will see the com­mence­ment of a new Fri­day night, af­ter work com­pe­ti­tion, busi­ness ver­sus busi­ness, start­ing at 6.30pm, with a prize pool of more than $1400.

There are only a few spots avail­able so if your busi­ness is up for some fun be­tween work­mates, give Tr­ish a call on 0412 728705.

The al­ley will also be open­ing from 12 mid­day ev­ery Wed­nes­day from now on, and is look­ing for any­one in­ter­ested in join­ing a group for a so­cial bowl from 1.30pm.

The play­ground will be open to en­ter­tain the kids if mums want to get out of the house for a cou­ple of hours be­fore school fin­ishes. Wed­nes­day In­cred­i­bowls de­feated top of the lad­der All Stars, de­priv­ing them of all seven premier­ship points (553, 485, 467 + hcp 252–463, 477, 455 + hcp 247), start­ing the night with a bang.

Johnny Child fin­ished his first game with a four bag­ger and a top score of 167 and team mate Paul Thompson bowled a dou­ble strike, also scor­ing 167.

Child went on to bowl a dou­ble strike in his sec­ond game, as did team mates Kay Sund­born and Paul Thompson, while John Davies, All Stars, bowled a dou­ble strike and team­mate Glenn Peck bowled the top score for their team with 151.

Spare Me de­feated Gut­ter-li­cious 435, 514, 495 + hcp 301–473, 408, 454 + hcp 283).

Rhett Smith, Spare Me, had a slow start but made up for it with his next two games bowl­ing a dou­ble strike and a top score of 190 and 183, as team­mate and son, Len Smith, also bowled a dou­ble strike.

Stu­art Toy, Gut­ter-li­cious, bowled a tur­key in his first game and a top score for his team of 181, while team mate, Mel Mur­phy, bowled a dou­ble strike.

In a close game on the end lanes, Up Your Al­ley de­feated One Pin (461, 387, 464 + hcp 308–445, 520, 493 + hcp 262).

Mark Te­u­nis­sen, Up Your Al­ley, found his form in his last game, bowl­ing a dou­ble strike and join­ing the 150 club with a top score for his team of 167, as Dave Ack­land, One Pin, bowled two dou­ble strikes in his sec­ond game, plus another two strikes re­sult­ing in a top score of 177.

In­cred­i­bowls were the best team, bowl­ing a top game score of 553 and a se­ries of 1505.

Rhett Smith, Spare Me, was the best in­di­vid­ual bowler, with a game score of 190 and a se­ries score of 490.

All Stars de­spite their loss this week are still top of the lad­der (46 pts) fol­lowed by Spare Me (37 pts), Up Your Al­ley (36 pts), Gut­ter-li­cious (31 pts), One Pin and In­cred­i­bowls (30 pts). Thurs­day Foo Fight­ers had an easy win over Deez Pins who were one player down (371, 382, 376 + hcp 348–281, 316, 313 + hcp 276).

Ally Jess, Foo Fight­ers, bowled a dou­ble strike in her first game, and the team’s top score of 117 in both her first and last games, as Deakin Allen, Deez Pins, de­spite be­ing in­jured and off bal­ance, bowled the top score for his team of 115.

Greypex de­feated Chang­ing Lanes (506, 499, 599 + hcp 211–410, 356, 409 + hcp 315).

Jor­dan Ser­vice, Chang­ing Lanes, bowled the top score for his team with a score of 130, and Don Howie, Greypex, bowled two dou­ble strikes and a top score of 193.

Don Howie, Greypex, was the best in­di­vid­ual bowler for the night bowl­ing a game a score of 193 and a se­ries score of 450.

Greypex was the best team bowl­ing a game score of 599 and a se­ries score of 1604.

Greypex are still top of the lad­der (66 pts) fol­lowed by Chang­ing Lanes (53 pts), Foo Fight­ers (50 pts) and Deez Pins (41 pts).

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