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THERE is no deny­ing that 2019 was a tough year for Mans­field labourer, Carl Briggs.

Not only did he be­moan the lack of Bun­nings com­ing to town – com­plain­ing that the ser­vice at Yenck­ens was too good for him to milk his hard­ware time – but his pro­posed tele­vi­sion se­ries Tradie Wants a Wife failed to find a backer.

Head­ing into 2020 Carl has found him­self sin­gle, liv­ing at home with his par­ents while try­ing to scrape to­gether enough cash to put a set of ex­tra wide mud tyres on his ute.

“I’ve got a few things I’m chang­ing this year,” Carl said.

“I see all these Face­book posts about ‘new year new you’, so I’m go­ing to have a red hot go at that.”

First thing on Carl’s to do list is to find the love of his life.

“I’m al­most 35, I’d like a mis­sus,” he said.

“I can’t be­lieve no one wanted to film my TV se­ries, Tradie Wants a Wife – all the ladies go crazy over that farmer show, but no one wants to see me with my shirt off, work­ing the jack­ham­mer.

“Just so you know, I’ve worked out at the gym a cou­ple of times.”

With­out the fi­nan­cial means to pro­duce the show him­self, Carl in­tends to find love the old fash­ioned way – at the pub.

“I’m not go­ing on a dat­ing app or any­thing – I want some­thing se­ri­ous: I’m just go­ing to have to lay off the booze on a Fri­day night so I can talk to the ladies, in­stead of drib­bling.”

Which brings Carl to his sec­ond New Year’s Eve res­o­lu­tion; to change his drink­ing habits.

“I’m not giv­ing up or any­thing,” he is quick to quan­tify.

“But I think I’ll swap the heavy beers for mids this year – and I’m go­ing to act my age – I’m swap­ping Bundy for Jack Daniels.”

Other 2020 res­o­lu­tions for Carl in­clude:

(L) Get a big­ger ex­haust on his Ford Ranger;

(l) Work out at least once a week;

(l) Eat more greens – VB does not count;

(l) Swap to skim milk Iced Cof­fees;

(l) Nail a back­flip on his Hyper­light wake board; and

(l) Grow a mous­tache.

“I might even think about mov­ing out on my own this year,” Carl said.

“But I don’t want to be too crazy – gotta keep things re­al­is­tic.”

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: Mans­field’s favourite tradie, Carl Briggs, talks about the changes he plans to make in 2020. He is pic­tured here wear­ing the per­son­alised safety hat his mother got him for Christ­mas this year.

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