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Mansfield Eagles just miss out against Euroa


Mansfield 41 def by Euroa 44

Best Player: Amy DixonRiell­y (sponsored by Foodworks)

Coaches Award: EllieRose Kipping (sponsored by Mansfield Golf Club)

MANSFIELD A Grade were excited for a competitiv­e game on Saturday against Euroa.

With a couple of key players unable to take the court for both teams due to restrictio­ns, it was sure to be an even contest.

The first quarter Euroa came out hard, managing to take a narrow lead.

The rest of the game was incredibly even, centre pass for centre pass, turnover for turnover.

Bianna Kelly and Grace Hood held their ground against an accurate Euroa, providing crucial rebounds and intercepts.

Dempsey Parsons had an amazing game, shutting down arguably Euroa’s best player in C and WD.

Cass Dolling, Mili Howland and Kara Dolling were strong in the mid court feeding the goalies and creating defensive pressure down the court.

Ellie Kipping utilised her incredible vertical jump to pull in balls, bracing for the inevitable contact from the defender.

Meg Mahoney came on in GS and provided a moving goal circle to change the dynamic.

Ultimately it was the team who made the least mistakes that took the win, and despite a late run from Mansfield to get within one goal of Euroa, the girls went down by three in a very competitiv­e game.


Mansfield 42 def by Euroa 58

Best Player: Leonie Berry (sponsored by Bos Taurus)

Coaches Award: Tara Murray (sponsored by Mansfield Golf Club)

CHARLOTTE Howie took on the captain’s role this weekend and led by example with some great intercepts and strong drives through the centre third.

Defenders Mickaela Richardson and Grace Evans had their work cut out for them playing on some great past A grade premier players.

Trying to mix it up in the second quarter to stop Euroa’s dominance, coach Sharna Byrne brought on Bianna Kelly who had been elevated to A grade after great performanc­es in previous weeks.

This certainly created more opportunit­ies but the attack end were just unable to find their normal groove to convert these chances.

At half time the team agreed they were not providing enough intensity and needed to reassess their decision making to allow for the safe transition of the ball into the goal ring.

Michelle Kain, Sue Dolling and Britt Kipping worked tirelessly trying to find the right combinatio­n of movement to beat a strong Euroa defence line-up.

With the support of Leonie Berry and Alicia Foster, who were penetratin­g the circle edge well, the attackers started to make an influence on the game in the second half.

Young Eagles superstar Tara Murray debuted in her first B grade game and certainly looked right at home dominating in the WA position.

With great timing, quick change of direction and ability to read the game she slotted into the B grade side without missing a beat.

With Mansfield only going down by one goal in the second half it was a fantastic team effort to turn the game around but unfortunat­ely the damage had already been done allowing Euroa to come out with the win.


Mansfield 39 def Euroa 30

Best Player: Britt Kipping (sponsored by Home @ Alpine)

Coaches Award: Rose Hood (sponsored by Mansfield Golf Club)

IT was a beaut day to get on courts for a home game against Euroa, and the B-Res girls were keen after some time off for a win.

In the first half of the match it was anyone’s game, goal for goal both Mansfield and Euroa had accurate shooting.

Mansfield’s defence put pressure on the Euroa shooters and their mid court players, producing many turnovers that resulted in goals.

Mansfield led at half time and minor changes were made throughout the game with all players adapting and performing well together.

Great drives and talk was present throughout the game.

Mansfield lifted though with many turnovers in the last half and finished strongly to take the game by nine points.

A great game played by Euroa and Mansfield, both teams played fair throughout the game.

Well done girls for taking home a win and big thanks to Dempsey for the awesome coaching.


Mansfield 53 def Euroa 16

Best Player: Molly Rekers (sponsored by Lakeside Ski Village)

Coaches Award: Brooke Kipping (sponsored by Café 41)

THE day started with Molly’s toes in her shoes and Meg arriving on time for once.

Meg started off the day strong with four falls beating Molly’s high score, and putting Cath Mahoney with 000 on speed dial instead of Tracy Rekers.

Tara Murray shared some inspiratio­nal words prior to the game and then proceeded to smash out another game in B grade showing everyone how talented she really is.

Chloe Judge worked hard in defence, kept the shooters out of the ring and grabbed some great rebounds.

Matisse Gardiner chose a different tactic by scaring her opponent away with her lack of teeth.

The defensive Ciarma duo, Mia and Tyla, fought for the ball like they fight each other for the front seat.

Brooke Kipping showed true confidence and strength in her defence across the court earning her coaches award for the day.

Tahlia Browning shrugged off sore ankles and fought hard all game, putting her body on the line to get the ball.

Kara Dolling, A grade superstar, showed the Euroa girls her skill and determinat­ion.

Jess Dolling, playing up from under 15s, worked well in goals with Meg’s encouragem­ent.

All round it was a great game for the whole team, and the results showed on the scoreboard.

The U17s take on the top two teams in the following weeks.


Mansfield 41 def Euroa 22

Best Player: Amelia Clydesdale (sponsored by Lakeside Ski Village)

Coaches Award: Isabelle Byrne (sponsored by O’Malley’s Pizza)

IT was a battle of the birds on Saturday, as the Eagles took on the Euroa Magpies.

You could feel the excitement and anticipati­on in the air as the girls took to the court.

The Eagles came out strongly, with a turnover in the first minute of the game and quickly took the lead.

Our defensive pressure didn’t let up for the whole game, with Mia Ciarma, Molly Dunn, Parneet Sandhu and Harper Anderson working hard to get many intercepts.

Mid court was also strong with Isabelle Byrne and Molly Judge playing well in C, along with Remy Stevenson, who played a great game in WA.

Jess Dolling and Amelia Clydesdale worked brilliantl­y together in the ring, focusing on new techniques learnt in training.

The girls went into the game searching and hungry for their first win, and they got just that.

Their positivity and consistenc­y working as a cohesive team paid off, resulting in a 19 point win.

The girls played an amazing game and are really looking forward to bringing the same focus and enthusiasm to their next clash against Rochester next week.

 ?? PHOTOS: Sandra Lee Photograph­y ?? GREAT CATCH: About to catch the ball during the Mansfield Eagles versus Euroa match on Saturday was Dempsey Parsons (A Grade captain).
PHOTOS: Sandra Lee Photograph­y GREAT CATCH: About to catch the ball during the Mansfield Eagles versus Euroa match on Saturday was Dempsey Parsons (A Grade captain).
 ??  ?? BALANCING ACT: Eagles netballer Amy Dixon Rielly (A Grade goal attack) appears to be balancing the ball on her fingertips - catchy, catchy.
BALANCING ACT: Eagles netballer Amy Dixon Rielly (A Grade goal attack) appears to be balancing the ball on her fingertips - catchy, catchy.

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