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St John defibrilla­tor goes to Barwite for residents’ use


SEVERAL new defibrilla­tors are being sent out to seven Victorian agricultur­al communitie­s by the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) and St John Ambulance, including one for Barwite, which is to go to Valerie O’Halloran.

Last week VFF president Emma Germano announced that the seven St John defibrilla­tors will be delivered for use in remote communitie­s across Victoria in the coming weeks.

“We are thrilled to announce the winners at a time when lifesaving technology like this has never been more important to support local farming communitie­s,” she said.

“In some of these areas, having a defibrilla­tor will be the difference between life and death as medical help can be far away.

“I would like to thank and congratula­te all for the time taken to provide these life-saving devices for their community to use in their time of need.”

She also said the diverse range of winners reflects the crucial role the life-saving machine plays in regional farming communitie­s as in those communitie­s, access to an ambulance ranges from 20 to 60 minutes.

St John Ambulance Victoria chief executive officer Gordon Botwright said he is proud to partner with Victorian Farmers Federation to award these seven lifesaving defibrilla­tors to our Victorian farming communitie­s.

“As much as we hope these devices never need to be used, we are pleased seven more defibrilla­tors are now available across Victoria,” he said.

“The defibrilla­tors will provide another critical safety measure and enable first responders to act immediatel­y in an emergency.

“St John representa­tives will be providing training to the locals on the use of the defibrilla­tor.”

Others will go to Nhill, Chetwynd, Derrinallu­m, Pyramid Hill in the Loddon Valley, Tambo Crossing in East Gippsland and Fish Creek in South Gippsland.

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