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Coming out of another lockdown

- MONTHLY MAYOR’S REPORT with Cr Mark Holcombe

THE last month has been marred by the occurrence of another COVID lockdown which again has had significan­t effects on many in our community.

The difficulty and costs that many of us face in trying to manage our day to day jobs, regardless of what those jobs are, is impossible to quantify.

Further, the rationale of locking down regional areas who have no COVID exposure is both difficult to understand and dishearten­ing for those of us living in regional Victoria.

The results of the 2021 Local Government Community Satisfacti­on Survey have been received by council and show a significan­t improvemen­t in the results.

Having reached an all-time low in community ratings across a host of different criteria in 2019/2020, the turnaround in community perception­s has been extremely encouragin­g and a reflection on the efforts of the new executive and the entire organisati­on.

The areas where we significan­tly outperform­ed both the state and small rural shire measuremen­ts included the appearance of parks and gardens, tourism developmen­t and government lobbying.

The areas which were below the same measuremen­t criteria included building and planning permits, waste management and parking facilities.

We are confident that there has already been significan­t improvemen­t made in the planning permits and the waste side of the business since the latest survey was undertaken.

During the month council approved the second stage of Phase 1 of the Beolite Retirement Village allowing for the developmen­t of a further 62 units.

Apart from the economic benefits to shire through the constructi­on phase, the addition of 62 new units in a wellplanne­d environmen­t, will help to address the projected growth of our retired population.

Council was also pleased to support the nomination of the Heritage Visitor Centre for funding of approximat­ely $1.2 million from the Local Roads and Community Infrastruc­ture Program.

Council also endorsed the submission of a grant applicatio­n for the Lords Reserve

Community Hub and in turn approved the allocation of a financial co-contributi­on of $510,000 and an in-kind contributi­on of $170,000.

Both these projects have been sitting with council for some years so it is satisfying to hopefully make some progress.

During July a meeting was held with the new president of the Municipal Associatio­n of Victoria (MAV), Cr David Clark.

MAV is the peak body for local government.

Cr Clark is from Pyrenees Shire which is a shire very similar in size to Mansfield.

He brings a genuine understand­ing of small rural shires to the MAV.

I think it is the first time the head of MAV has personally visited Mansfield.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the inconvenie­nce to residents as a result of the footpath renewal outside the post office and police station on High Street.

The contractor awarded this project has been very disappoint­ing and not met the standards or timeframes required by council.

As such the contractor has been removed from the job and now replaced.

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