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Woodworkin­g from the heart for Richard Power


WHEN it comes to matters of the heart and following your dream Richard Power of Maintongoo­n has thrown caution to the wind and taken on his passion of woodworkin­g.

Recently joining the Made in Mansfield Group to showcase what he can achieve with raw wood, Richard has given up his past life and taken up his woodworkin­g as a full time job.

“You will often see me out on farms and walking the hills with a backpack and chainsaw looking for those beautiful old matured pieces of wood that can be turned into bowls and other items,” Richard said.

“I also have a big chainsaw with a mill attachment on it so I cut slabs which I turn into bowls, trays, plates, small coffee tables.

“I am trying to take something that is nature’s waste product and turn it into something that will last for a few generation­s to come, rather than have it rotting into the ground.

“Everything I make is from old timbers - timber that has been lying in the paddocks for a long time.”

Having travelled and worked around the world Richard has always had a connection with the High Country as his family has owned a property at Maintongoo­n for more than three generation­s.

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