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Gardening tips for spring


FEED your plants and lawns:

Plants need feeding as they burst into growth.

Apply organic-based general fertiliser­s to garden beds but for pots, use liquid feeds or slow-release products. Lawns need specialise­d, high-nitrogen fertiliser­s.

Look after the lawn: Now’s the time to renovate the lawn or lay a new one.

Get planting:

It’s planting season too, a good time to make over problem areas or plant fastgrowin­g shade trees.

Time to plant:

Spring is the perfect time to plant just about anything.

The soil moisture is still high and plants can become establishe­d before the heatwave hits.

To add organic matter and nitrogen to your veggie patch, consider a green manure crop.

Once it starts shooting, dig it back into the soil for a naturally prepared bed.

For a complete list of what to plant based on where you live, check out our spring planting guide. Renew your mulch: After fertilisin­g garden beds, renew mulch cover before the heat of summer.

Get your watering in order:

Check irrigation systems and reprogram timers as temperatur­es rise.

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Prune camellias to shape and tip-prune other winter/

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Watch out for pests: As the weather warms up aphids become active in the veggie patch or on the new growth of roses.

Psyllids can also appear on the new growth of Lilly Pillies and need to be controlled to prevent them spreading.

 ??  ?? TIME TO BLOSSOM: Spring is in the air for gardeners.
TIME TO BLOSSOM: Spring is in the air for gardeners.

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