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I FOUND Al Rozefsky’s letter in last week’s Courier very interestin­g.

I support Al’s views and wish to supplement his informatio­n.

In short, Tesla is coming, with Legacy power in their sights, just as they are doing to Legacy Auto (Toyota, Ford, BMW etc) with their battery electric vehicles.

South Australia’s Hornsdale big battery is controlled by Tesla’s Auto-Bidder software operating as a wholesale distributo­r for its French owners.

South Australia also has the South Australian virtual power plant, this involves combining many homes’ individual rooftop solar together with their power wall batteries to collective­ly become a virtual power plant capable of supporting the grid on a major scale.

Auto Bidder software is already registered as a utility in Britain and is currently being registered in the USA.

How it works is that your battery’s charge and discharge is controlled by an algorithm that monitors load, supply, as well as variations in price in real time.

The other input is comprehens­ive weather informatio­n.

This is used to predict optimum return for the sale of your power.

Tesla power will take their percentage and you receive the balance.

This is forecast to be in the thousands, not hundreds, per year depending on your battery size.

In a UK trial, the system’s performanc­e exceeded all expectatio­ns.

As an example, with a forecast of strong winds favourable for the offshore wind turbines to produce power over several days the system discharged the batteries at a moderate price.

Then waited for the surplus power from the wind generators to drop to its cheapest to recharge the batteries, waited then selling the power back at peak times producing a considerab­le profit.

If you have a BEV (battery electric vehicle) which you don’t use every day you will be able to select a minimum rate of charge to have up your sleeve then plug it in and let Auto Bidder make you money.

This is VTG, vehicle to grid. As an aside, Tesla are changing the battery chemistry for their storage batteries from using nickel and cobalt to the new iron phosphate, lithium, graphite and aluminium chemistry batteries.

This new battery can be fully discharged, fully recharged with minimum degradatio­n giving a long life.

Then at its life’s end is recyclable once again into new batteries.

Al, plan B will hopefully get to us in Mansfield soon.

Graeme McClelland,

Bridge Creek

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