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Mansfield Vet Clinic celebrates first birthday


THE Mansfield Vet Clinic is celebratin­g its first birthday in its new location, as a purpose-built hospital designed to minimise stress in different species, and maximize standards of vet care.

Designed to comply with the ASA-VA Hospital of Excellence Accreditat­ion scheme, guaranteei­ng high standards of care for cats and dogs alike, the clinic has also been recognized for its Gold Standard Cat Friendly Care reinforcin­g the hospital’s reputation for exemplary service.

And the clinic is not just pet and staff friendly, it’s designed to be client friendly - from the moment you step into the North facing reception and look across to the beautiful wetlands.

So whether that’s having a coffee at the cat café or being entertaine­d in the kitten adoption room, or ensuring the whole family can fit into the large consulting rooms to make sure pets are relaxed during their visit, everything has been considered and acted upon.

It’s a commitment to providing the best experience for all involved, for all creatures great and small, and the individual­s and families that love them.

And with a complete in-house laboratory for immediate blood and urine testing and results, owners can rest assured that their pets are in the best possible hands with the team providing the most comprehens­ive assessment to make sure your fluffy friend is on their way to recovery.

With separate dog and cat consulting rooms and hospital wards, owner Dr Sally Rekers loves the new clinic and amazing facilities.

“The space enables our devoted team to provide our clients and their pets the highest standard of vet care 24/7,” said Dr Rekers.

“However this is not limited to just the clinic.

“We still provide on-farm care and assistance, providing large animal and hobby farm veterinary services.

“It’s an overall commitment to all your animals’ health and well-being.

“So whether that is one of our qualified nurses running the puppy school to give your dog the best possible start in life, or installing a dental wet table in the clinic ensuring your pet’s teeth will see them through to a ripe old age, we’ve tried to think of it all.

“We’re all so proud of what we have created, and would love the public to come and tour the facility and see how it operates.”

However with plans for an open day scuttled due to covid restrictio­ns, the team have extended the invitation now to a week of birthday celebratio­ns beginning on Monday 20, with the community encouraged to drop in to 146 High Street for a tour.

Vets - Sally, Peter, Jackie, Alana and soon to be arriving Julia and Kasee

Vet Nurses - Rayleen, Ellie, Ruby, Belinda, Emily, Sarah and Maddy

Animal Attendant – Amelia.

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