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Let’s get it done

Adele McCormack is still behind an indoor pool complex


FOUNDING member of the small community group that instigated moves towards an all year round swimming facility, Adele McCormack, says “let’s get it done” now that land has been set aside by Mansfield Shire Council for the project.

As was reported last week in the Mansfield Courier, a 2.7 acre site has now been officially designated for use as an indoor aquatic centre by the shire.

But the council has left it up to community group YAFM (Year Round Aquatic

Facility Mansfield Inc) to make the project work.

“It’s magic,” Ms McCormack said after hearing the news of the land being set aside.

She said that after all this time, she really hopes they get into it and get it done before the five years is up.

“That’s what I hope,” she said.

Still a member of YAFM, Ms McCormack is more of a support member rather than active.

But back in the 1980s when she started to push for an all year round pool it was because the older outdoor pool was in very poor condition and in threat of being closed down.

“It was also that the outdoor pool was only used for three months over summer and was closed for most of the year,” she said.

“It seemed a bit of a waste with all these kids that wanted to learn to swim and the swim club was growing - it seemed to be a waste of the pool being shut for nine months.

“We came up with the idea of why not go for a heated one.

“At the time they (Shire of Mansfield) were going to close down the pool because it needed too much maintenanc­e and I put a notice in the Mansfield Courier asking if there was anyone else who felt the same and didn’t want to see the outdoor pool close.”

Ms McCormack said they started fundraisin­g to help fix the pool - they raised $53,000 which they donated to the shire, which then refurbishe­d the old pool - that was about 30 years ago.

With the main aims of an indoor pool now being the health and wellbeing of the community - Ms McCormack said back then (1980s) it was more recreation­al and early educationa­l.

“We were all very young mums with kids - we had young families so we were more in that frame of mind - it was all about giving kids that opportunit­y to swim all year round and learn,” she said.

“Now it’s a whole lot different way of thinking.

“Now I could go and do aqua aerobics in warm water; as you get older you change your perspectiv­e.

“I was talking to a new resident recently and her idea was if we could get some corporate sponsorshi­p to help with the infrastruc­ture it could become a training centre for athletes and sporting associatio­ns.

“In Jindabyne they built an all year round indoor pool where they do a lot of diving training, and it is used by football clubs, including AFL clubs, which go up there and they use it - all accommodat­ion that closes down for winter is used through summer by all these sporting groups.

“I don’t see why we can’t do that here.

“There are plenty of reasons why this should be able to go ahead if there are enough people determined enough to do the hard work.”

 ?? ?? LONG TIME IN THE MAKING: An indoor aquatic centre in Mansfield is not a new idea.
LONG TIME IN THE MAKING: An indoor aquatic centre in Mansfield is not a new idea.

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