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Bumper crop harvest tipped for agricultur­e

Sector expected to exceed production value records with farmers propelling the sector to $73 billion


THE Australian Bureau of Agricultur­al and Resources Economics and Sciences released its agricultur­al overview report last Tuesday, noting that the Australian agricultur­al sector is expected to exceed production value records this year, with our farmers propelling the sector to $73 billion, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Minister for Agricultur­e and Northern Australia David Littleprou­d said the report shows that farming has grown by 1.3 per cent in the last quarter.

“That may not sound like much, but we are dealing in unpreceden­ted economic times, and plenty of industries in Australia haven’t been lucky enough to see that kind of growth,” Mr Littleprou­d said. “This is a year to be proud of. “It shows just how strong the agricultur­e sector is, despite the uncertaint­y of a global pandemic.

“We’re looking at our second good year in a row, with a bumper crop harvest, internatio­nal demand for our produce and a strong market for livestock.”

Nationals Senate leader and Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie said two good years in a row had lifted optimism in regional Australia.

“We’ve got all our ducks in a row for a record year,” Senator McKenzie said.

“Not only are we looking at a bumper harvest for winter crop, but there are also higher prices and greater demand for cotton, sugar and grains.

“All of our farmers are doing an outstandin­g job, including our local producers here in regional Victoria.

“Because of their hard work, we are on track for agricultur­e to meet /# "* ' *! ʛƦƥƥ $''$*) $) 1 '0 4 ƧƥƨƥǙ

“It’s not all smooth sailing. “COVID-19 continues to provide challenges for internatio­nal trade, although we are working as a government to do what we can to boost internatio­nal trade.

“We have listened to concerns about labour shortages and we are progressin­g the Agricultur­al Visa to make sure that we can get the fruit picked and the veggies out of the ground.”

The recently released quarterly Rabobank rural confidence survey supported the sentiment that this quarter is equal to confidence levels in November last year, which was the third highest in the history of /# Ƨƥǰ4 - .0-1 4ǚ ) '*. #$) the highest reading ever, which was taken in February last year following drought-breaking rain.

“While there are some challenges for the farm sector due to shipping delays and labour shortages, the Australian farm sector has largely been sheltered from the broader impacts of COVID-19 restrictio­ns and is a shining star in the Australian economy right now,” said Rabobank Australia chief executive officer Peter Knoblanche.

“Above-average rainfall in the late half of winter across many agricultur­al regions has set up the sector for another big spring, with prospects of a second year of high-yielding crops and excellent conditions for livestock.”

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