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Repairs, renovation­s and recommenda­tions for Jamieson

- JAMIESON ON THE LINE with Carmel Dixon

LAST week Father George Feliciouz and two members of the parish examined with a builder the earthquake damage to Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church in Jamieson.

A number of cracks have been assessed in the porch archway, and a number of other cracks have been observed.

The report of the damage has been sent to the insurance office and plan for repairs has been approved.

LOCAL Jamieson resident Tom Russell is joining the Mansfield Shire Council team on Monday, October 18 as co-ordinator capital works.

Tom has managed civil constructi­on projects across the Goulburn Valley and most recently spent nine years FIFO (fly in fly out) to Western Australia where he was project co-ordinator in iron ore mineral exploratio­n

Border restrictio­ns made travel difficult with wife Kylie and their young family living in Jamieson.

This opportunit­y to work locally and be involved in Mansfield Shire Council projects is an ideal situation for Tom; he is embracing the family time and enjoying the beauty of the local environmen­t.

LOCAL Jamieson Caravan Park operators, husband and wife team Franzi Weiss and Tom Bennett, with designers Tamar Schoneveld and husband Toby Golus, collaborat­ed to produce an exciting and comprehens­ive tourist map of Jamieson.

These maps are available at local businesses and the detail on the double sided A4 map is precise, with references to and illustrati­ons of services, businesses, recreation, walks and scenic drives.

LAST week the Jamieson Community Group met in the Memorial Hall.

Vice president Roger Vandenberg, secretary Sue Malins and treasurer Sally Fletcher presided over the meeting.

Mansfield Shire councillor Paul Sladdin attended the meeting and Jamieson police officer George Crawford also attended.

The renovation to be carried out in the Jamieson Perkins Street toilet block is in hand, focusing on the design for the hand trough, hand dryer and floor renewal, with added attention to airflow and safety lighting internal and external being recommende­d.

A recent report on the Rec Reserve aims to make the area more functional by including a bike pump track, space for a heli pad, a toilet, and an area for sporting events on the oval.

Also part of the Bush Fire Recovery grant is a new water tank at the hall, a renewable energy battery, and a generator.

A POLICE alert for illegal deer hunting in the area was presented by local police officer Snr Constable George Crawford, advising the local residents to report any unusual night driving and behaviour, or if you feel uncomforta­ble with unknown vehicles being driven off road as well.

JAMIESON Primary School students will welcome new ICT support teacher Matt Jupp, who will be working four hours per fortnight.

And Terrence Jones will commence his pre-service teaching rounds next week.

The students and staff are looking forward to this term being more consistent and are all looking forward to learning and playing with their friends again.

 ?? ?? BRIGHT FUTURE: Local resident Tom Russell relaxing on the bank of the Jamieson River and looking forward to his new position with the Mansfield Shire capital works team.
BRIGHT FUTURE: Local resident Tom Russell relaxing on the bank of the Jamieson River and looking forward to his new position with the Mansfield Shire capital works team.
 ?? ??

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