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1 Name a river in India, sacred to the Hindus (6)

8 What is esprit de corps known as (8)

9 Which continent lies between the Atlantic and Indian oceans (6)

10 What is a break, as between acts of a play in a theatre (8)

11 What is a long, loose,

heavy overcoat (6)

12 Name the principal outer garment of Hindu women (4)

13 Name a large, glossy black, omnivorous bird (5)

16 To have played a part, is to have done what (5)

19 What is a less familiar term for a killer whale (4)

21 Which garden shrubs have clusters of purple or white flowers (6)

22 What is an artificial channel for conducting water from a distance (8)

23 Name a NSW city, associated with a Victorian city, Wodonga (6)

24 What do we call a person who acts indecisive­ly (8)

25 What is an afternoon nap (6)


2 Name an alternativ­e term for lucerne (7)

3 What is cartilage also known as (7)

4 What are flights of steps (6)

5 Which term describes loss of memory (7)

6 Which building is occupied by nuns (7)

7 To be well trained or experience­d, is to be what (7)

13 What are given in return for services rendered (7)

14 Which Pacific republic was formerly the New Hebrides (7)

15 What are types of long, narrow pastas (7)

17 The diameter of a bullet is known as its what (7)

18 What is a passage taken out of a book, or the like (7)

20 What, in Christian churches, are the communion tables called (6)

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