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As the old adage goes, people are a company’s greatest asset. It’s a maxim that sums up Anna Stockley Davidson’s leadership approach as COO at furniture start-up Brosa. Since launching in 2014, the company now has 75 staff in Australia, China, India and The Philippine­s. Of those, 70 per cent are women and 85 per cent are aged under 40. In Western societies, where up to 40 per cent of highly qualified women with children may leave a career, keeping parents in the workforce is a challenge for many businesses. “Turnover in key roles is costly, so retaining talented employees is a high priority,” says Stockley Davidson, who recently introduced 16-weeks’ paid leave to all new parents as a way of addressing the issue. “We’re particular­ly proud that the policy is for both primary and secondary caregivers and that it can be taken any time during the child’s first 12 months.”

Stockley Davidson’s people-first MO extends beyond paternity leave. “Eighty per cent of our executive team are parents, so we understand the challenges that come with being a working parent,” she says. “We know that if parents don’t have flexible working conditions, they’ll go elsewhere, so being able to work from home or leave early for a doctor’s appointmen­t is supported.”

While offering parental leave can be costly for a business, Stockley Davidson prefers to see it as a win-win opportunit­y: “We truly believe this investment in our people will benefit us in the long run.”


– Anna Stockley Davidson

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