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Across 1 In Rus­sia, what is a grandmother called? (8)

7/8 Whose 1956 al­bum was the first to sell over one mil­lion copies? (5,9)

9 Which tele­vi­sion broad­cast­ing sys­tem is used in most of Europe? (3)

10 What is the rest­ing place of a wild an­i­mal? (4) 11 In cro­quet, with what does a player strike a ball? (6) 13 What is the up­ward pro­ject­ing part at the front of a horse sad­dle? (6)

14 Cross­ing the Pa­cific in 1520, Mag­el­lan lost more than 80 per cent of his crew to what? (6)

17 Which jun­gle dweller had a mon­key friend named N’kima? (6)

18 What is a pro­tec­tive crust over a heal­ing wound? (4) 20 In bil­liards, with what does a player strike a ball? (3) 22 What is a skil­ful teller of anec­dotes called? (9) 23 What colour comes from Urdu for “dust-coloured”? (5) 24 Which sea lies be­tween the West Indies and the Azores? (8)


1 In the Bi­ble, which tower was built in an at­tempt to reach heaven? (5)

2 De­tec­tive Her­cule Poirot came from which coun­try? (7) 3 What strong, lock­able cabi­net pro­tects valu­ables? (4) 4 Avi­a­tor Amelia Earhart was born in which US state? (6) 5 What is an un­der­ground vault be­neath a church? (5) 6 Which branch of med­i­cal sci­ence is con­cerned with mus­cles? (7)

7 Socrates died by drink­ing what? (7)

12 From 2000 to 2004, Michael Schu­macher won five con­sec­u­tive world driv­ers’ ti­tles with which team? (7) 13 What might you eat on Shrove Tues­day? (7) 15 Which weapons of war had their ori­gins in China over 2000 years ago? (7)

16 What board cov­ers the ends of rafters? (6)

17 “I Don’t Want a Lover” was the 1986 de­but sin­gle for which Scot­tish band? (5)

19 From Span­ish, what is a small don­key used as a pack an­i­mal? (5)

21 What word for “sausage” orig­i­nated in Aus­tralia in the 1940s? (4)

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