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CHRIST­MAS is a time of giv­ing, and dur­ing this time of year many peo­ple make do­na­tions to char­ity.

But many pop­u­lar health char­i­ties fund an­i­mal re­search, of­ten with­out mak­ing it clear to the pub­lic.

As a re­sult, the pub­lic con­tin­ues to donate money with the best of in­ten­tions to med­i­cal and health char­i­ties not re­al­is­ing that they may ac­tu­ally be fund­ing an­i­mal ex­per­i­ments.

CEO of Hu­mane Re­search Aus­tralia Helen Marston said peo­ple donate to health and med­i­cal char­i­ties in good faith.

“Want­ing to con­trib­ute to find­ing gen­uine cures, yet many would be ap­palled to learn that their gen­er­ous con­tri­bu­tions might ac­tu­ally be fund­ing cruel an­i­mal ex­per­i­ments,” Helen said.

“There is now a grow­ing aware­ness that an­i­mals are not good mod­els on which to base hu­man re­search.

“We there­fore need to in­vest in the devel­op­ment of non-an­i­mal meth­ods of re­search – meth­ods that are ‘hu­man-rel­e­vant’ and there­fore more likely to re­sult in gen­uine med­i­cal progress.”

The Hu­mane Char­i­ties List is a list of health and med­i­cal re­search char­i­ties which have ad­vised HRA that they do not fund an­i­mal-based re­search.

This means that you can safely make a do­na­tion know­ing that you are not fi­nan­cially sup­port­ing an­i­mal ex­per­i­ments.

The list now stands at 97 and in­cludes many well-known char­i­ties like HeartKids, be­yond­blue and the Fred Hol­lows Foun­da­tion.

The list pro­vides some ease for peo­ple who, when so­licited for do­na­tions can now ask ‘Are you on the Hu­mane Char­i­ties List?’ mak­ing it much eas­ier to ex­press their dis­ap­proval of an­i­mal ex­per­i­ments. Visit hu­manechar­i­

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