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1 Who (Guy ____) was re­cruited as a spy while at Cam­bridge Univer­sity? (7)

4 What ab­dom­i­nal pain com­monly dis­tresses ba­bies? (5) 7 What former mea­sure of land equals a quar­ter of an acre? (4)

8 In which English county are the Poldark nov­els set? (8)

10 Which is the only group to write and pro­duce six con­sec­u­tive num­ber one sin­gles in the US? (3,3,4) 12 What glazed cot­ton fab­ric is used for cur­tains? (6) 13 What did British Hon­duras change its name to? (6) 15 Which Ger­manic mu­si­cal in­stru­ment re­sem­bles a bu­gle with valves? (10)

18 Soft black sticks of what are used in draw­ing? (8) 19 France is part of which an­cient re­gion of Europe? (4) 20 Which city is the chief port and com­mer­cial cen­tre of the United Arab Emi­rates? (5)

21 What is a metal sup­port for logs in a fire­place? (7) Down 1 What type of hat did TV’s Frank Spencer favour? (5) 2 What was Zim­babwe for­merly called? (8)

3 What dead an­i­mal might be kept in a bath­room? (6) 4 Which fairy­tale was first recorded by the Greek his­to­rian Strabo in the first cen­tury BC? (10)

5 What open wa­ter­course con­veys wa­ter to a mill? (4) 6 What scented wa­ter is named after a Ger­man city? (7) 9 Which Ital­ian (Bernardo ___) di­rected the films Last

Tango in Paris and The Last Em­peror? (10)

11 What crea­ture in Greek mythol­ogy had the head of a bull and the body of a man? (8)

12 “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air” be­gins a Patti Page song about which part of Mas­sachusetts? (4,3)

14 Which large lizard has a species that reg­u­larly ven­tures into the sea? (6)

16 What are tooth­brush bris­tles usu­ally made of? (5) 17 Which sib­lings (Charles and Mary ___) wrote Tales

from Shake­speare in 1807? (4)

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