JEDEC is poised to an­nounce the next-gen mem­ory stan­dard (DDR5) later this year, and has con­firmed a few de­tails for us: “DDR5 will of­fer im­proved per­for­mance, with greater power ef­fi­ciency com­pared to pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion DRAM tech­nolo­gies. As planned, DDR5 will pro­vide dou­ble the band­width, and den­sity over DDR4, along with de­liv­er­ing im­proved chan­nel ef­fi­ciency.”

That’s ex­cit­ing, if only for the fact that power con­sump­tion should drop—DDR3 sat at 1.5V and DDR4 at 1.2V, so it’s likely we’ll see DDR5 at 1.0V or lower. The dou­bling of den­sity means we’ll likely see mo­bos dou­ble in max ca­pac­ity, too, with main­stream plat­forms max­ing out at 128GB, and high-end desk­tops hit­ting a 256GB limit. Ex­pect ini­tial MT/s fig­ures to hit around 4,133MT/s, with la­ten­cies at 27ns if not more. How­ever, it’s un­likely to come into pro­duc­tion un­til late 2019.

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