If you’re at all in­ter­ested in qual­ity video encoding, then there’s a host of so­lu­tions of­fer­ing their ser­vices out there. Hand­brake.fr is of­ten sug­gested as a good open­source op­tion, but it ap­pears to be looked down upon by many of those in the know. A bet­ter sug­ges­tion ap­pears to be MeGUI [ Im­age 1], which has been de­vel­oped by the braini­acs on the an­cient http://fo­rum.doom9.

org site. MeGUI is open-source li­censed GPL v2, it’s still un­der ac­tive de­vel­op­ment, it sup­ports x.264 and x.265 out of the box, and it au­to­mat­i­cally up­dates all the many re­quired com­po­nents as it ticks along—this means that the first time you en­code some­thing, there’s a num­ber of ad­di­tional waits while it down­loads the nec­es­sary com­po­nents. It’s all very slick.

Plenty of handy doc­u­men­ta­tion and guides can be found at https://en.wik­i­books.org/wiki/MeGUI,

while you’ll be pointed to­ward https://source­forge.net/projects/megui for the main down­load. Just grab it, ex­tract, and you’re ready to go!

Orig­i­nally de­vel­oped with DVD rip­ping in mind, it’s now able to han­dle Blu-ray files amongst other tricks. We’re not even go­ing to start try­ing to go into the set­tings on this bad boy here, but we will point out that it has a one-click mode. Drag and drop a file you want to reen­code on to it, and se­lect “One Click.” Then, in the dia­log that ap­pears, click “Con­fig” in the “Output” sec­tion.

You may want to se­lect “Keep In­put Res­o­lu­tion,” oth­er­wise choose a stan­dard 1280 or 1920 width. Use the en­coder to se­lect x265, and “Con­fig” to ad­just the bi­trate and num­ber of passes. OK ev­ery­thing, and when you click “Queue,” off it goes to do its thing!

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