I am a bro­ken hu­man be­ing. Last is­sue ru­ined me. Se­ri­ously—I’m writ­ing this three days af­ter dead­line, while try­ing to nurse a hor­rific headache, and sip­ping on a cup of freshly brewed AeroPress-pow­ered cof­fee. It was a tough one, that’s for sure.

Yet, af­ter spend­ing most of last week fight­ing that awe­some rig, get­ting it ready in time for the fi­nal shoot, and prac­ti­cally hat­ing it by the end, I’ve had noth­ing but thoughts about how to make it bet­ter over the past week­end. Whether it’s slight ad­just­ments to tub­ing runs, or adding an­other reser­voir in the rear to al­low for eas­ier loop fill­ing, my brain’s prac­ti­cally on fire with ideas and tweaks about how to make it one of the clean­est-look­ing ITX builds out there (de­spite t the fact I’ve not even looked at it since F Fri­day).

In a w way, that’s the scari­est part of our pa pas­sion, I guess. No mat­ter what level leve your builds are at, or how much you’ve you spent on them, it’s never enough. There’s al­ways some­thing else you can buy, some other way you can g get more per­for­mance out of your syst sys­tem, or an­other tweak that will tidy i it just a bit to make it look a lit­tle sma smarter. From build to desk­top, hard­war hard­ware to soft­ware, there’s al­ways some­thin some­thing to do. That’s what makes PC build­ing such an ex­pen­sive hobby.

That said, judg­ing from all my other hob­bies and in­ter­ests, that seems to be a theme. Hmm, maybe it’s just me…. Time for an­other cof­fee, I think.

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