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Floppy disks are slow. At­tach a vir­tual hard drive, and load­ing times are quicker, and you can switch be­tween pro­grams with­out hav­ing to swap out disks. Hatari sup­ports three type of em­u­lated hard drives: ACSI, IDE, and GEMDOS. Of these, ACSI is the most com­pat­i­ble op­tion, and works with all ver­sions of TOS from 1.02 up.

ACSI em­u­lated drives ex­ist phys­i­cally as an IMG file, and can be awk­ward to set up, plus they re­quire driv­ers placed on the vir­tual hard disk to work cor­rectly. Thank­fully, Hatari pro­vides you with an empty 80MB hard drive im­age, which you can down­load from https://hatari.tux­fam­ im­age.gz. Ex­tract the­age file to a suit­able folder, then open Hatari’s con­fig­u­ra­tion, se­lect “Hard Disks,” and click “Browse” next to “ACSI HD Im­age” to se­lect the file.

Re­boot your ST, and you’ll see a new drive C ap­pear, to which you can copy files. Note that many com­mer­cial games refuse to run from hard disk. For those that do (such as Civ­i­liza­tion), just keep your games in sep­a­rate fold­ers, and make sure you save your con­fig­u­ra­tion, so the hard disk is al­ways ac­ces­si­ble when­ever you start your vir­tual ST.

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