Say­ing Good­bye to a Clas­sic

An­other ma­chine gets a new home


LAST MONTH, I swapped the chas­sis (and a few other com­po­nents) of my main work ma­chine, and this month I’ve done the same to my home sys­tem. The ag­ing Cooler Mas­ter Cos­mos that housed the last two it­er­a­tions of my home PC served me well, but it was get­ting a lit­tle long in the tooth in terms of looks, and was too big for what I needed. I wanted some­thing smarter, more mod­ern look­ing, and frankly some­thing smaller.

The Cor­sair Crys­tal 570X is a mid-tower case, so it checks the down­siz­ing box nicely, and it’s also very smart and mod­ern look­ing. Prior to us­ing it, I wasn’t sure about the RGB fans, but they’re not as gar­ish as I feared, es­pe­cially af­ter cy­cling through the pre­sets to find a sub­tle pur­ple glow. The triple fans do a great job of keep­ing the rig cool, too.

Mak­ing the move wasn’t with­out its prob­lems, with the 12V ATX CPU cable in the old Cos­mos stretch­ing across the moth­er­board and un­der the graph­ics card to reach the slot. De­spite the slighter small pro­por­tions of the new case, it was a tough fit here as well, although I did man­age to route the cable around the back of the mobo and hook it around the top. It’s not very pretty if you look at the rear of the ma­chine, but with­out buy­ing a new power sup­ply, there’s not much else I could do.

The ca­bling for the drives was frus­trat­ing, too, with the ini­tial setup re­fus­ing to spot the OS drive be­cause the SATA power cable had slipped out of the drive. It’s an­noy­ing that the data ca­bles use spring clips, while the power ca­bles don’t. Once I’d sorted out the ca­bling prop­erly, this was less of a prob­lem, but I’d still pre­fer clip-in ca­bles.

One off­shoot of the move is that there’s no room for an op­ti­cal drive now. To be fair, while the drive was in the old Cos­mos, I hadn’t hooked it up to the mobo in the last build, so it clearly wasn’t an es­sen­tial part of my com­put­ing regime. But it may come in use­ful one day, so in­stead of head­ing to the re­cy­cling center with the Cos­mos, it’s made its way into the tech pur­ga­tory in the at­tic for now. You know, just in case….

Nowhere to hide your mess in this case.

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