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Bo Moore, hard­ware lead, and Alan Dex­ter, ex­ec­u­tive edi­tor, re­veal the tech that’s been get­ting them ex­cited

Maximum PC - - IN THE LAB -

I re­cently re­did my home of­fice setup, part of which in­cluded a new PC build (a lovely glow­ing setup, thanks to three LED strips, a hand­ful of RGB fans, and a nice clear view­ing panel), as well as the in­tro­duc­tion of a sec­ond mon­i­tor. I’ve been us­ing two mon­i­tors on my of­fice PC for a while, but I de­cided it was time to step up my at-home sit­u­a­tion as well.

My main prob­lem was that my desk at home is not ter­ri­bly big, so the prospect of fit­ting two 27-inch mon­i­tors on there (I know, I’m spoiled) did not sound easy. To save space on the desk­top, I in­stalled this two-arm desk mount from Echogear to hold my mon­i­tors. It has gas-pow­ered springs to make ad­just­ments easy—I don’t need a tool for any­thing, un­less I want to tighten the ad­just­ment ten­sion. And to keep my desk clean, there are lit­tle chan­nels in the bot­tom for me to feed cords through.

I’m a big fan of the new setup. My desk is clear and I can ad­just ev­ery­thing as needed for max­i­mum com­fort through­out the day. More im­por­tantly, my cats are pleased with the new ad­di­tion. With all that desk space freed up, there’s plenty of room for them to nap next to my mouse and key­board. $199, www.echogear.com I have bro­ken my Sennheiser Mo­men­tum headphones. They have suf­fered nu­mer­ous yanks, drops, smashes, and other care­less mo­ments over the years, but kept sol­dier­ing on re­gard­less. Un­til now. This month, I for­got I was wear­ing them as I walked away from the ma­chine to go and sort some­thing out. From that point on, I was lim­ited to au­dio in the left ear only. Wig­gling the wire briefly brought stereo back, but this merely con­firmed my worst fears—I’d bro­ken a trusty friend that has been with me for over two and a half years.

This is Max­i­mumPC, though, and a new set of cans is never far away. Zak rooted through the gear cup­board and handed over the Sennheiser HD 650. Con­sider this day one of a long-term test. Ini­tial im­pres­sions are that they’re a bit tight on my head, but com­fort­able enough. The fact that they have de­tach­able ca­bles means hope­fully I won’t dam­age them in the way I did their pre­de­ces­sors. The sound qual­ity is im­pres­sive, and as these are open-backed, I can hear my col­leagues—an im­prove­ment over the Mo­men­tums (at least for the of­fice).

The real take­away, of course, is that I need to show more care around my headphones. Or wire­less may be a bet­ter idea…. $500, https://en-us.sennheiser.com



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