NEXT YOU’LL WANT TO EMPTY OUT the chas­sis as best you can. There’s al­most al­ways some form of ac­ces­sory bag in­cluded, with the rel­e­vant screws, ca­ble ties, and other help­ful things (in this case, a box with the black and white ac­cents). Re­move as many pan­els as you can, ei­ther by re­mov­ing the thumb­screws, or by pop­ping the plas­tic pegs out. Then place the pan­els back into the card­board box for later. It’s also worth get­ting a bowl of some de­scrip­tion, in which to place the screws you’ll be us­ing, be­cause it stops them from rolling around all over the place. Some of the thumb­screws can be over­tight­ened from the fac­tory, so it might be help­ful to use a screw­driver to give you a lit­tle ex­tra lever­age on the tricky ones. Also, leave the front I/O ca­bles tucked some­where in­side the case for later.

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