Tiny Spy Chips in Servers?

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Has the Chi­nese state se­cretly put spy chips into Su­per­mi­cro servers dur­ing man­u­fac­ture? Have th­ese servers been used by ma­jor com­pa­nies and even gov­ern­ment de­part­ments? That’s the alarm­ing news in a re­port from Bloomberg

Busi­ness­week. It claims the chips were un­cov­ered in 2015 af­ter a break­down of hard­ware on be­half of Ama­zon. The au­thor­i­ties were in­formed, but not the pub­lic, and a lot of servers qui­etly sold off. The news has been strongly de­nied by Ap­ple, Ama­zon, Su­per­mi­cro, and the Depart­ment for Home­land Se­cu­rity. Bloomberg says it has 17 highly placed anony­mous in­sid­ers who have con­firmed the story. Surely, there’s more come….

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