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Ca­naries were used in mines as early warn­ing sys­tems to de­tect dan­ger­ous gases, such as car­bon monox­ide. Min­ers took caged ca­naries into the tun­nels with them. If the gas in a mine reached a level where it im­pacted the ca­nary, the min­ers knew they were at risk, too, and would at­tempt to leave. Top fact: The ca­naries usu­ally re­vived. We know some­one who has an RV trailer at a per­ma­nent camp site. Each year, when she closes the trailer for the win­ter, she places a few peanuts in strate­gic lo­ca­tions. In the spring, when she re­turns to open the trailer, if the peanuts are gone, she knows there were ro­dents in the trailer—an­other handy early warn­ing sys­tem, trig­ger­ing a whole other level of clean­ing.

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