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M.2 SSDs CAN GET HOT un­der load, so it’s a good idea to have a de­cent heat spreader present. The one you’ll find on the Max­imus X For­mula is par­tic­u­larly huge, and you’ll find it as part of the large ROG eye logo, to­ward the bot­tom-right of the motherboard. Re­leas­ing the three screws on this plate en­ables you to re­move it and re­veal the M.2 con­nec­tor. We were mo­men­tar­ily thrown by the fact that the re­ten­tion screw for the drive wasn’t pre­in­stalled, but ac­tu­ally in the motherboard box—it took longer than it should have for us re­al­ize this. Once found, though, se­cur­ing the 1TB Sam­sung 970 Evo SSD was easy, and that huge cooler means that it shouldn’t be throt­tling any­time soon. It’s worth not­ing that it isn’t easy to ac­cess this drive once your graph­ics card is in­stalled, but this is of­ten the case with the lo­ca­tion of M.2 con­nec­tors.

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