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A bus con­tain­ing some of a team's most ar­dent sup­port­ers (sorry, can't re­mem­ber which club) went over a cliff and sadly all died. Any­way, they all rock up to­gether at the Pearly Gates, and St Peter says, “Well, fancy see­ing you all here at once! Bit of bad luck, eh? Any­way, as a bit of con­so­la­tion, God has de­cided to an­swer one ques­tion you would like to ask about how the uni­verse works. So, what would you like to know?” The fans all get to­gether, ar­gue a bit, and then the leader steps for­ward. “We want to know: Why does our team al­ways get picked on by the umps? Why are our games fixed? Why does our full-for­ward never get a free? And why do our op­po­nents al­ways get soft free kicks?” St Peter replies “Hmm. Look, I'm go­ing to have to check that with God, I mean, that's pretty big stuff, and I'm not sure he will have the an­swer”. St Peter dis­ap­pears. He's gone for hours. Even­tu­ally, he re­turns and sig­nals to the fan leader to come over and join him. He says: “Look, I spoke to God. He says there is no plot against you, no con­spir­acy and no im­bal­ance in um­pir­ing. You're just the usual para­noid sup­port­ers look­ing at the game through one bi­ased eye”. The leader goes back to the other fans and says, “We were right, and this goes even higher than we first thought.”

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