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A TO­TAL of 80 men took part in a two-per­son am­brose while 16 ladies played a stable­ford at the Axedale Golf Club on Satur­day Septem­ber 22. Bendigo Wound Man­age­ment spon­sored the day’s events. Men’s two-per­son am­brose In di­vi­sion one the win­ners were Lex John­stone and An­drew Wat­son (4.75 h/c, 60.25 nett). The run­ners-up were John Ney­lon and An­drew McDougall (7.25 h/c, 61.75 nett) on a count­back from Shel­don Carter and Craig Kealy (9.25 h/c, 61.75 nett), also on a count­back.

Fourth place was won by Mike Fitzger­ald and Ian Kerr (10.25 h/c, 61.75 nett). Fifth place went to Grant Lane and Ivan Phillips (8 h/c, 62 nett), and sixth place to Derek Higham and Kur­tis Lynch (5.5 h/c, 62.5 nett).

Ball win­ners: Don Mitchell and Alan Darby 62.5; John Fitz­patrick and Mark Fitz­patrick 63.25; Roger Hei­der and Jock Catto 63.5.

Birdie Balls: 18th. Ladies stable­ford In the ladies stable­ford, di­vi­sion one for hand­i­caps of 0-25, the win­ner was Linda An­drea (5 h/c, 37 points). The run­ner-up was Carmel Har­ri­son (16 h/c, 34 points).

In di­vi­sion two of the ladies, for hand­i­caps be­tween 26-45 the win­ner was An­drea Min­nis (45 h/c, 40 points), while Ann Whit­ing was run­ner-up (38 h/c, 38 points). Near­est the pins (men and ladies): 1st hole di­vi­sion one: Linda An­drea; di­vi­sion two: Roz Yum. 6th hole (open): Mike Fitzger­ald. 16th hole (open) Su­per Pin: An­thony Wood­man.

18th hole di­vi­sion one: John Ney­lon; di­vi­sion two: An­drea Min­nis.

ON THURS­DAY, Septem­ber 20, a group of 58 men took part in a Pine­hurst event spon- John Ney­lon on the sored by Car­ley Ad­vi­sory Ser­vices.

In di­vi­sion one the win­ners were GaryJohn­stone and Peter War­caba (12.75 h/c, 61.25 points). The run­ners-up were Greg Hamil­ton and Roger Hei­der (11.25 h/c, 61.75 points).

Third place went to David Lubke and Ian Kerr (18.375 h/c, 66.625 points). Fourth place was won by Rob Tay­lor and Kevin Craw­ford (12.00 h/c, 67.00 points).

Ball win­ners: Tom Phe­lan and Mike Fitzger­ald 67.125; Steve OBree and David Bail­lie 68.00; Bill An­drea and Peter King 68.25. Near­est the pins: 1st hole di­vi­sion one: Fred Kath; di­vi­sion two: Brian Keat­ing. 6th hole (open): Mick Pur­don. 18th hole di­vi­sion one: Rod Threlfall; di­vi­sion two: Alan Cle­ments. Long­est Drive: Brian Keat­ing. Long­est Putt: Chris Miller. En­cour­age­ment Award: Di­vi­sion one: Jeff Trewick and David Turner.

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