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The lo­cal publican was so sure his bar­man was the strong­est bloke in the dis­trict that he had a stand­ing $1000 bet. The bar­man would squeeze a le­mon un­til all the juice dripped out, and then hand the le­mon to a pa­tron. If any­one could squeeze one more drop out, they’d win the $1000. Many tried and failed un­til one day a weedy lit­tle bloke with a squeaky voice said: “I’d like to try to win that bet.” The bar erupted in laugh­ter. The bar­man duly squeezed the le­mon and handed the re­mains to the lit­tle bloke. The laugh­ter died how­ever, as half a dozen drops fell from the le­mon as the new-comer squeezed. The publican re­luc­tantly handed over the $1000 but couldn’t help but ask: “We’ve had shear­ers and wood cut­ters and weightlifters, and all sorts of peo­ple try that. What do you do for a liv­ing?” “I work for the Tax­a­tion Of­fice,” came the re­ply.

Quote of the week

“Liv­ing with fear stops us tak­ing risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never go­ing to get the best fruit.”

- Sarah Parish.

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