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Two el­derly women were eat­ing break­fast in the care home one morn­ing. Ethel no­ticed some­thing funny about Ma­bel’s ear and asked, “Ma­bel, did you re­alise you’ve got a sup­pos­i­tory in your ear?” “Par­don, what did you say?” replied Ma­bel. Ethel raised her voice a few deci­bels: “I said, did you re­alise you have a sup­pos­i­tory in your left ear!” “I have a sup­pos­i­tory in my ear?” Ma­bel shrieked. She quickly pulled the sup­pos­i­tory out and held it in her palm. “Ethel, I’m so glad you saw this thing,” she be­gan. “Now I think I know where I put my hear­ing aid.”

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