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SIXTY-FIVE men played a stable­ford event at the Axedale Golf Club on Thurs­day, Novem­ber 29. The event was spon­sored by MLC Ad­vice.

In divi­sion one (0-17 h/c) the win­ner was Rob Tay­lor (13 h/c, 40 nett). The run­ner-up was Gary John­stone (6 h/c, 39 nett) while De­nis Hig­gins came third (13 h/c, 38 nett).

In divi­sion two (18-23 h/c) the win­ner was Ge­off Kerr (22 h/c, 40 nett). The run­ner-up was Bill An­drea (18 h/c, 36 nett) on a count­back from John Tay­lor (19 h/c, 36 nett).

In divi­sion three (24-36 h/c) the win­ner was Sid Spof­forth (28 h/c, 44 nett). The run­ner-up was Vik Sa­bali­auskas (25 h/c, 37 nett) while Frank Harrop came third (32 h/c, 35 nett).

Ball win­ners: Fred Kath 37, Garry Harrop 36, Kevin Craw­ford 36, Sam Bi­lardi 35, Rod Con­nelly 35, Alan Cle­ments 34 (count-back). Near­est the pins: 1st hole – divi­sion one: Ge­off Arun­dell; divi­sion two: Brian Keat­ing.

3rd hole, 2nd shot – divi­sion one: Peter Hoskin; divi­sion two: Lind­say Budds.

6th hole – open: Eric Rogers.

18th hole – divi­sion one: Paul Pyke; divi­sion two: Kevin Craw­ford. Long­est drive: Mr X. Long­est putt: Peter Richard­son. En­cour­age­ment award: divi­sion one – David Bail­lie; divi­sion two – Eric Rogers; divi­sion three – Rowan Gal­braith. Other high­lights 2 on a hole: John White, Peter Thomas, Alan Cle­ments, Paul Pyke, Eric Rogers, Keith Hill, Den­nis Chap­man, Brian Keat­ing, Mike Fitzger­ald, Brian Ed­wards and Robin Minne (2).

Birdie ball: Alan Cle­ments on the 12th.

A to­tal of 90 men and 16 ladies played a stroke monthly medal pres­i­dent’s cup event at the Axedale Golf Club on Satur­day. The event was spon­sored by MLC Ad­vice. Men’s event: In divi­sion one for handicaps of 0 to 12, the win­ner was Fred Kath (75 gross, 10 h/c, 65 nett). The run­ner-up was Glenn Mor­ri­son (73 gross, 6 h/c, 67 nett). And third place went to Travis Fitz­patrick (77 gross, 9 h/c, 68 nett).

In divi­sion two for handicaps of 13 – 17, the win­ner was Rod­ney Threlfall (82 gross, 15 h/c, 67 nett). The run­nerup was Michael Fitzger­ald (85 gross, 17 h/c, 68 nett), while third place went to Steven Lee (81 gross, 13 h/c, 68 nett) on a count-back.

In divi­sion three for handicaps of 18 to 22, the win­ner was Chris Atkin­son (88 gross, 19 h/c, 69 nett) on a count­back from Don Mitchell (89 gross, 20 h/c, 69 nett). Third place went to Peter Ste­wart (92 gross, 22 h/c, 70 nett) on a count-back.

In divi­sion four for handicaps of 23 to 36, the win­ner was Peter Pan­nell (87 gross, 23 h/c, 64 nett). Run­ner-up was Keith Hill (94 gross, 28 h/c, 66 nett) on a count-back from Greg Hamil­ton (89 gross, 23 h/c, 66 nett).

Ball win­ners: Brandt Fleming 68, Ge­off Wal­dron 69, Rus­sell McGib­bon 69, Reece Thomp­son 69, Ernie Lown­des 69 and Bob Perkins 70 on a count-back. Near­est the pins: 1st hole – divi­sion one: An­drew Schaeche; divi­sion two: Chris Atkin­son.

3rd hole, 2nd shot – divi­sion one: Lex John­stone; divi­sion two: Chris Atkin­son. 6th hole – open: Brett Moore. 16th hole Su­per­pin – en­tries – Stu­art McGib­bon.

18th hole – divi­sion one: Kur­tis CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS to Man­dalay Dig­gers who de­feated the team from the Com­mer­cial 7 to 2, in the grand fi­nal of the 2018 pool com­pe­ti­tion, at Toolleen Ho­tel on Satur­day night.

Pic­tured are, back row from left,

Lynch; divi­sion two: Ge­off Wal­dron. Women’s event: In the ladies, divi­sion one for handicaps of 0-26, the win­ner was Jan Walk­late (87 gross, 16 h/c, 71 nett). The run­ner-up was Raye Fleay (91 gross, 18 h/c, 73 nett). In divi­sion two, for handicaps of 27-45, the win­ner was Anne Telford (104 gross, 28 h/c, 76 nett). The run­ner-up was An­nette Purdy (104 gross, 27 h/c, 77 nett). Nick Batch­e­lor, Mick Miller, David ‘Slim’ McLach­lan, Ger­ard ‘G’ Fos­ter, Des Flower, Wes Nan­scawen with, front row, Bren­don ‘Egg’ Un­der­hill. Ab­sent — Elaine Graziano.

Ball win­ners: Ruth Iser and Di Wen­zlau 77. OTHER HIGH­LIGHTS: Birdie ball: Bob Perkins on the 12th and Brett Moore on the 6th.

Monthly medal win­ner: Pan­nell 64 nett.

Best gross: Kur­tis Lynch 73 gross on a count­back from Glenn Mor­ri­son.

Pres­i­dent cup win­ner: Fred Kath 66-65 to­tal of 131 from Greg Hamil­ton 67-66 to­tal of 133. Peter

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