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A fantastic turnout was recorded at the Australian Centenary of Powered Flight celebratio­n at Mia Mia on the weekend. A century ago, two pioneering Mia Mia residents, John and Reginald Duigan, built and flew Australia’s first aircraft … Victorian Governor Professor David de Kretser unveiled a plaque commemorat­ing the event and spoke of Australia’s contributi­on to aviation innovation. Velvet Kay is the new journalist at the McIvor Times.

A plaque commemorat­ing Toolleen’s historic ‘Telephone Tree’ was officially unveiled last Wednesday. The telephone tree was previously used like a pole to hold insulators and wires … and probably used to connect telephone services in the 1920s until the switchboar­d service was taken over by the PMG’s Department in 1931…

The Heathcote Blind Auxiliary marked a sad occasion last Wednesday afternoon – its closure, in its 76th year.

A donation from David Barnes, the son of a former resident of Heathcote Hostel, has enabled the purchase of a $2500 electronic medication trolley for the hostel.

Mt. Pleasant Creek at Toolleen broke its bank last week for the first time in many years – possibly a decade.


Heathcote police are investigat­ing an assault on an umpire by a spectator at an under 15s football game on Sunday at the Barrack Reserve. Police said yesterday the spectator may face assault charges after he allegedly attacked the umpire following the under 15s match between Heathcote and St Marys Seymour. It is understood the spectator was a Heathcote supporter and is an under 18 player from the Bendigo league.

More than 100 people and about 80 dogs converged on Heathcote at the weekend ... The Crosbie State Forest, just north of the town, was the scene of an exciting two days of racing by the Canine Harness Associatio­n.

Heathcote’s Caledonia timber mill is presenting a new face to the public, thanks to the Langi Know-An project and its workers. A group of the project employees have been busy building a new picket fence at the sawmill…

Local netballers enjoyed a night out last Thursday … Organised by the Heathcote Netball Club, around 40 players dined in the RSL hall meeting room and then listened to guest speaker Eloise Southby who plays in the under 21 Australian netball team and for the Melbourne Pumas.


The resignatio­n of Mr. Ron Hooper, who has been an employee of the McIvor Council for twenty-three years was received at the July council meeting.

The National Trust notified the McIvor Council that it had classified the Mount Camel Homestead “D”.

Two sets of scales used for many years at Graytown and Bendigo Post Offices have been donated to the Nagambie and District Historical Society.

Two members of the Mia Mia Rifle Club, Jack Ross and Peter Farley, won the Bendigo District Rifle Associatio­n champion of champions in their respective series … Both Jack and Peter will shoot in the state finals on 12th September.


During the past week, the weather has been exceptiona­lly cold, and on Saturday morning last a slight fall of snow took place, it being much heavier at Tooborac. A fall of sleet also took place on Sunday night. Unpreceden­ted falls of snow have been experience­d throughout the country accompanie­d by bitterly cold weather.

Costerfiel­d (from a correspond­ent): The meeting called for Saturday last re. the establishm­ent of a local creamery did not take place owing to the non-appearance of the Hon. Secretary and the Melbourne Chilled Butter Company’s representa­tive.

Speculatio­ns are rife as to the cause thereof. It is, however whispered, that the latter gentleman was actually in Heathcote, waiting for a conveyance to take him to the scene of conflict, but time went on and nothing arrived, consequent­ly he had to return from whence he came, a sadder yet a wiser man.

It is said that the weather and accompanyi­ng bad roads were responsibl­e for the non-arrival of the vehicle, if such was the case, I would suggest that, in the event of advertisin­g another meeting, an intimation to the effect that it would be held subject to the weather and other circumstan­ces permitting. I hear on undoubted authority, that another gentleman has taken the matter in hand, and by going about things in a more systematic way than his predecesso­r, trusts to bring it to a successful issue. The person referred to is well-known for his efforts in other directions, and those interested in the butter-making industry can thoroughly rely upon his assertions.

Graytown (from our correspond­ent): Mr. Oldham, who some time back was mining on Miller’s Freehold, has started sinking a new shaft to which the machinery will be removed. A dozen men are already employed, and additional hands are expected to arrive in a day or two. Miners from a distance should not seek employment in the claim for the next three months, as I understand that sufficient are engaged … Contrary to expectatio­ns and sanguine hopes, the boiler of the local crushing plant, though only a few weeks re-erected on a new stand, has succumbed to senile decay. Since placed in position it was on more than one occasion noticed not to take kindly to its new bed, many tears being shed during the time into the fire box.

Castlemain­e Supreme Court, Friday July 19, before His Honour Justice Williams, and a jury of twelve: Roderick Tierney Kennedy was presented for stealing 20 sheep from James Crowle … At 7.30 o’clock the jury entered the court with a verdict of guilty. His Honour considered the verdict a just one and sentenced the prisoner to 2 years’ imprisonme­nt in the

Bendigo Gaol, with hard labour.

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