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Homeschool­ing is going just great! Two students suspended for fighting and one teacher fired for drinking on the job.

We are informed that the old Minstrel Company has been revived and styled the Heathcote Amateur Minstrel Company. Fire at Toolleen – On Tuesday morning last, Mr. Whitlock’s store was completely destroyed by fire. The origin of same is unknown. The cricket match, ‘Married’ versus ‘Single’, played at Knowsley on the 17th ended in a victory for ‘Married’, who secured 71 runs to ‘Single’ 26 runs.

The Planting Bee at the Mia Mia Presbyteri­an Church took place on Wednesday of last week, a large number of young men assembled in the morning and had the ground in readiness by 3 o’clock, at which time the ladies arrived and about 40 trees were planted. After the refreshmen­ts and a few games were indulged in, the company adjourned to the Manse, where a very pleasant evening was spent … The Manse which has been undergoing a few repairs is now finished, the work being done by Mr. William Cameron of Match Box, Glenhope.

Last Friday a concert was given in the Mechanics Hall at Costerfiel­d, in aid of the funds of the Heathcote Hospital, and we are glad to state that the entertainm­ent proved to be very successful, notwithsta­nding that a ball had been held about a fortnight previously for the same charitable object. The Misses McPherson and Messrs. Braden and R. McPherson were the leading spirits in the affair, and it is needless to say that they left no

stone unturned to make it prove a success…

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