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Trivia Challenge


1. Throughout the TV series ‘Little House on the Prairie’, how many children did Charles and Caroline Ingalls adopt? a. 3, b. 0, c. 6, or d. 1.

2. On ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, what was one of Andy Taylor’s favourite things to do with his son Opie? a. Doing jigsaw puzzles, b. Going fishing, c. Making billy carts, or d. Playing cards.

3. In which Star Wars movie did Darth Vader reveal he was Luke’s Dad? a. The Empire Strikes Back, b. A New Hope, c. Return of the Jedi, or d. The Phantom Menace.

4. What was Mrs Doubtfire’s first name in the movie by the same name? a. Amphosina, b. Euphemia, c. Andora, or d. Euphegenia.

5. In ‘The Sound of Music’, what military rank did the father of the von Trapp children have? a. General, b. Captain, b. Major, or d. Colonel.

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