As long as you avoid salty foods, you’re fine.

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Sodium isn’t evil. You need the nu­tri­ent to sur­vive, and your body can’t pro­duce it on its own. The elec­trolyte (yes, that’s what sodium is) con­trib­utes to blood vol­ume, and, if you’re ac­tive, that’s a big­gie. Main­tain­ing nor­mal blood vol­ume helps your skin dis­si­pate heat, helps you ab­sorb nu­tri­ents and de­liv­ers oxy­gen to hard­work­ing mus­cles, in­clud­ing your heart. Sodium is the min­eral lost in the great­est quan­ti­ties in sweat and urine, and re­plac­ing it is es­sen­tial for proper hy­dra­tion. So how much is too much? It’s com­pli­cated. Check out the chart on the next page for more de­tails.

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