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Age 51, 175cm, 85kg Gee van Veijeren is in the best shape of his life – an im­pres­sive achieve­ment for a man who has been a reg­u­lar gym-goer since the age of 21. But the years of ex­pe­ri­ence have armed van Veijeren with the knowl­edge to train in­tel­li­gently. “If I’m not feel­ing ‘strong’ on a par­tic­u­lar day, I’ll just work at a re­duced in­ten­sity,” he says. “But I’ll still train: that’s the im­por­tant thing. I al­ways feel more en­er­gised af­ter­wards.” Van Veijeren has shifted from train­ing for size to train­ing for sym­me­try, us­ing lighter weights with a higher rep count. “I still work to fail­ure, but I’m not 25 any more, so I take care to avoid in­jury,” he ex­plains. Ca­reer com­mit­ments have threat­ened to de­rail him, but he’s re­fused to let them suc­ceed. “My health is as im­por­tant – if not more so – than any work event. That’s why I sched­ule ses­sions in my di­ary.” As a re­sult, he’s hap­pier with his body than he was in his twen­ties. “And, I love the way peo­ple re­spond when they re­alise how old I re­ally am,” he ad­mits.

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